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Yes. A volunteer male parent/coach was accused of making inappropriate comments to one of our female HS/Club Coaches on multiple occasions. Combined with his incompetence, we decided to remove him from our program. The issues were kept behind the scenes and most parents were unaware that there was a problem. There was never a threat to the players. Those that follow him went with him. Those that wanted to stay, stayed. 


As a result of his own deceptive behavior, one of his "Baby Momma's" has shamelessly made threats, went as low as blaming the victim, and name-calling. A decision was made to ignore her. We completely understand that she was hurt (though at the wrong person), and her behavior was anticipated.


We have since improved handling of situations like that, informed the appropriate interest, communicated with other basketball coaches and organizations, and will implement an ongoing Sexual Harassment Awareness program that several clubs have signed up to fully support.


Absolutely False! We are not a money management company. We charge a fee in exchange for a service. We do not manage your money in any capacity.


Parents pay for up to five days of practice, strength and conditioning, and development for the purpose of playing basketball. We provided that. In some cases, some parents experienced financial difficulties with paying the fees. We used company funds to cover their cost, reduced the fees to fit their budget, or had to waive the fees all together so that their child could continue to play. ALL of our bills are paid, and ALL of our tournament fees were paid in advance. We welcome anyone that would like to challenge our assertion.


The rumor seems to stem from one of the "Baby Momma's" of the individual that we kicked out of our program. The individual was accused of inappropriate behavior against another female coach which created a very toxic environment, was caught holding secret and unauthorized additional practices without written approval from the facility that we have a relationship with, and simply was not preparing the girls for higher level basketball.


We have consistently removed problem parents and players from our program, and the "Help" that we bring in is no exception. We will continue to maintain the integrity of our program.   

We hold practice five days per week, Sunday-Thursday. Friday is a Mandatory Rest Day! (Games are usually held on Sat & Sunday). Two days outdoors (as weather permits), and two days indoor (based on availability).


Sun - Indoor Practice - 9am - 10am (9 - 10:30 starting in April) - Skyline Rec Center - 8285 Skyline Drive, San Diego, CA 92114


Mon & Wed - Outdoor Practice - 6:30pm - 8:30pm - Santa Venetia Park - 1500 Magdalena Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91913


Tue & Thur - Indoor Practice - 6pm - 9pm - Mater Dei Catholic High School - 1615 Mater Dei Drive, Chula Vista, CA 91913 


Yes. Our fees are reasonable, and our expenses are continual.

Since we are a high school preparation program, we try to mimic how high schools play. Therefore, playing time is earned, and is not guaranteed. Playing time will be based on improving performance. Translating what was learned in practice and applying it to the game.

We try to limit our teams to 8 or 9 per team. However, realistically, teams will have more players and players need to learn how to compete for more playing time. Playing time is directly related to production. The more a player produces, the more playing time she gets.

Yes. Tournment fees vary. We try to assess the fee's and get them out to the parents as early as possible.

Absolutely! The travel season really begins when the high school season ends. We will prepare our team specifically for the spring/summer travel season.

We would prefer that payments are made in full, but we do understand that from time to time issues arise. Please see one of the coaches and see if an agreeable arrangement can be made.

The amount of games per season will depend on which league we are in. That will vary from league to league.

No. Uniforms are a separate cost and are yours to keep and maintain.

No. We are team independent. You can continue to play for your current team. We do a variety of different skills training on different days, if you prefer to supplement your training with our program, i.e., strength & conditioning, we offer a separate fee schedule. Please visit our Pay Fee's tab and select Training Only.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit and debit cards for your convenience via our Paypal links listed under our Pay Fee's tab.